Top 8 Most Effective Breast Enlargement Exercises

The girl did exercises to enlarge her breasts

It is difficult to find a woman who is truly satisfied with the shape and size of her breasts. It seems to many that this "defect" can only be corrected with the help of surgery. Eat cabbage, take pills, rub cream - all this is ineffective, and sometimes dangerous! Exercises to enlarge the breasts will help you.

Of course, no one promises an immediate increase in mammary glands of 3 sizes at once. A set of exercises helps give the breasts elasticity, prevent sagging and strengthen the chest muscles. The key to success is the right attitude and willpower.

Effect of load on chest condition

There are two ways to create the desired breast size: natural and artificial. But we were interested in the safety of the chosen method for health, so we chose the first method. The insertion of artificial implants can pose additional problems in the form of unhealed scars or pus. Therefore, consider an effective and popular way to enhance a girl’s breasts without leaving home.

There is a misconception that exercise can add volume to the mammary glands themselves. In fact, regular exercise will help strengthen the chest muscles, which causes the volume of the breasts to increase. Therefore, dear women, distinguish between the concept of glands and chest muscles.

Even women who decide on plastic surgery need to strengthen their breasts with the help of physical exercise. After all, implants can make weak chest muscles heavier and look ugly. A load complex is also needed for breastfeeding mothers so that their breasts always look firm and elastic, and do not sag under the weight of the milk.

However, if you decide to enlarge your breasts with physical exercise, you must be prepared for a lot of effort. Breasts will not grow from three simple exercises a month. Such a load only tightens the muscle, preventing it from sagging. For breast growth, you need to keep a stock of patience, endurance and be prepared for exercise that is enhanced to muscle soreness.

Remember that muscles must rest from stress, so exercise is carried out no more than 3 times a week. We started shaping beautiful breasts with the help of exercises to enhance women’s breasts, for this we bought dumbbells that can be folded by 10 kilograms each.

Of course, you won’t be able to "enlarge" your chest, like Pamela Anderson, just with the help of exercises, but improving its shape and adding a bit of size is quite realistic if you’re not lazy!

Sportswear and warm -up for breast -enhancing exercise

Uniforms and warm up

After you have filled up the equipment supply, we move on to sportswear. Forget about t-shirts and artificial synthetic t-shirts, they do not allow the skin to breathe and can even cause skin irritation. For an exercise to increase breast volume, choose a natural sports top with the right size. It supports the chest, allows you to breathe freely and does not cause irritation.

A set of exercises for breast augmentation, like, indeed, any load, should begin with mandatory warm-up. This is necessary to warm up your muscles to prevent possible injuries. For this purpose, you can turn on your favorite rhythmic music and remember aerobic exercises. 5 minutes of dancing is enough to bring the muscles into a functional state.

Basic exercises for breast augmentation are done with dumbbells

TOP 8 effective exercises

You already know that breast augmentation with exercise is quite real! With the help of the proposed complex, you will achieve a breast increase of 1 size in a few months. We began to stimulate breast growth, rapidly.

  1. We squeezed the palms. Take a standard stance: legs open shoulder -width apart, body straight. We folded the palms in front of us so that the elbows were at chest level. After counting to three, we squeezed our palms with all our might, gradually lowering our hands. Repeat the technique 10 times.
  2. Wall. We chose the door we liked in the apartment and stood near it. Starting position: turn your back onto one of the shelves, and place your hands on the other side. Next, we started pressing the shelf, as if we wanted to move it. Let's work for 1 minute. Next, lean forward and again press the wall for 1 minute. The exercise was repeated 3 times.
  3. Finger grip. We stood upright, legs shoulder -width apart. Lift the bent arm at the elbow to face level, at the same time making sure it is parallel to the floor. Next, we locked our fingers into the castle and tried to spread our hands to the side. We repeated the action 10 times.
  4. skiers. We slightly increased the load and started doing exercises to increase the chest at home with dumbbells. Starting stance: dumbbells in hands, legs open shoulder -width apart. Bend your elbows slightly and start mimicking the movements with them, reminiscent of a ski pole swing. Run like this for a minute. Next, you need to raise your hands to chest level, hold for a few seconds and lower. Repeat this section 6 times and the whole exercise 3 times.
  5. Snatch, done with dumbbells. Starting position: lie on your back, place your hands with a dumbbell on your chest. Start lifting and lowering your hands abruptly, repeating up to 8 times in a set. The total number of approaches is 3.
  6. Flat angle. Starting stance: sit on a chair with your back straight, take a dumbbell in your hand. Press your elbows to your sides and stretch your arms to the sides. With a sharp movement, remove your elbow from your side, lifting it at 90 degrees. Hold them for a while and lower. In one approach, you have to repeat up to 12 times, the full cycle of training - 3 times.
  7. Press the stand up. This completes the dumbbell complex. Let's move on to the final part of increasing the chest muscles at home. Turn your face to the wall and place your palms on it. Start pushing harder, as if you want to move the wall. Keep your back straight at all times. Exercises are performed for 2 minutes 3 times.
  8. Turn. Take a prone position with palms and feet on the floor. Push-ups for women are performed in a slow rhythm, gradually increasing the number of repetitions from 2 to 20.

Exercises to enlarge and tighten the breasts are completed with stretching. Starting position: sit on the floor, bend your knees. Bend down, place your forehead on the floor, place your hands in front of you. Try to stretch your arms as far as possible and stay in this position for 10 seconds. Relax your muscles and repeat 3 times.

Isn’t it a myth - to increase breast volume with exercise? Make sure that the exercises will help you get a beautiful round shape, but not without effort on your part. You can evaluate the effectiveness of exercise by the pain experienced by the muscle fibers. You can see the accuracy of this or that exercise on a video on the network.

Plus 1 size with asana

What are other methods for girls that will help improve breasts? You can achieve breast augmentation with 1 size with the help of classes in swimming and rowing. It is this sport that strengthens and builds chest muscle mass, which brings you one step closer to the desired amount.

Do you want to increase your breasts by more than one size? Yoga practice will be a faithful helper in this difficult matter. What asanas can achieve results?

  1. Warrior. Starting stance: legs wide open. Slowly rotate your left foot to the left about 90 degrees and your right foot inward. As you exhale, bend your left leg at the knee. The right leg is always straight. Extend your arms sideways to the shoulder line. Slowly turn your head to the left, look at the brush. The repetition of one cycle is 7 times. Then repeat the exercise on the right.
  2. triangle. The starting position is the same as in the previous asana. Slowly rotate your left foot 90 degrees, and your right foot 15 degrees. Try to reach your ankle with your left hand, and point your right hand as high as possible. The arms should form a straight line. Yoga poses do not allow the knees or spine to be bent. Repeat the pose again, but on the other side.
  3. Cobra. Exercises are done lying on your stomach. Slowly raise your upper body and lower your lower body to the floor. Keep the balance! Tilt your head and exhale. Return to original position. As you repeat, gradually increase the time spent in the asana.
  4. Onion. Exercises are done lying on your stomach. Exhale smoothly, lift the bent leg at the knee to your head. Pull until you can hold both ankles with your hands. Start straightening your legs, lift your hips and chest off the floor, focus your balance on your stomach. Remain in position for half a minute.
  5. The bridge. Lie on your back, spread your legs wide. Raise your hands and place your palms on the floor. As you exhale, begin to lift your chest high, gradually ascending the bridge. Hold the position for 30 seconds.

An effective set of yoga exercises will help enhance a girl’s breasts at home at no extra cost.

You can also achieve the desired results by combining exercise and massage to increase breast volume. Massage movements will relax the muscles, giving them a chance to tighten and grow. By regularly exercising at home, you will see a breast increase of 1 size! But this can be achieved only with vigorous training for 2-3 months.